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Lapin International is a results-focused consulting and leadership development firm that distinguishes its clients from their competitors by turning their corporate character into their most powerful strategic and operational advantage.

Lead by Greatness

Drawing both on ancient wisdom and cutting-edge strategic thinking, Lead By Greatness will help you think about opportunities in ways you never have…and your competitors never will..

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Testimonials & Reviews

  • "David gives you the confidence to walk in a complicated world. I unconditionally recommend Lapin International.”
    Michael Mark, CEO
  • “An organization can create a unique competitive advantage when partnering with them. They bring a tremendous amount of experience, extremely unique and creative approach, as well as personal commitment to the process.”
    Stephan Schenk, EVP & Head of Operational Risk Management
  • "The Lapin group took our company to a level of true inspiration in which seemingly unattainable value is unlocked. Our team is ready for the next chapter of our evolution. Thanks to Lapin International, the inspiration is now part of our DNA. "
    Bill Freeman, CEO
  • “Lapin quickly identified some crucial challenges our company was experiencing, and clearly conveyed tangible tools and steps we could use to reach higher levels of global excellence.”
    Drew Felling, Former VP of Marketing & Development
  • “The Lead by Greatness approach is truly profound! Not your standard leadership "class" on how to fix what's broken. It's truly fabulous!”
    SVP, Director of Technology, Senior VP
  • “I have attended some of the best leadership courses in the country, but none of them came close to this one.”
    Captain Todd Morrison
  • “Without doubt, the finest educational experience our organization has pursued.”
    Gary Lloyd, VP
  • “The measurable results from [Lapin International]’s work are significant.”
    Doron Grosman, GM
  • "Ethos has never been better positioned for the accomplishment of its strategic objectives given Lapin International's uncompromising position of maximization of commercial returns."
    Andre Roux, CEO
  • “Lapin International’s work has made a significant impact to our overall business performance.”
    Catherine Timmons, VP of Human Resources
  • “Lapin has a unique ability to parse multiple viewpoints and conversations into a common driver and outcome. These common threads are presented to all parties in a manner that all feel "it was their idea" and consequently the group becomes more cohesive and willing to work towards a common good.”
    Jay Dorris, CEO
  • “I have a renewed energy in my daily work and our team is enjoying accelerating success.”
    Chairman & CEO
  • “Inspiring. Life changing. I thank the powers above for choosing lapin International for our organization.”
    Rebecca Kilpatrick, Food & Beverage
  • “I have attended countless workshops but the work we have done with Lapin International far exceeds anything I have ever taken part in before.”
    Sandra Heibert, Education Director
  • “Working with Lapin International was a fantastic experience for our Firm. Over the course of several days Lapin took us on a journey of self-discovery that has allowed us to work more effectively as an aligned team.I think their approach and insights are unique and valuable. I endorse them highly.”
    Chris van Someren, CEO
  • “David Lapin is a man of extraordinary intellect and insight. He is amazingly insightful in identifying the true issues facing business today. His approach is refreshingly logical and compelling in its simplicity.”
    Peter Gent, COO
  • “David Lapin is a deep thinker and creative visionary who sees through problems and constraints and into the world of possibility. Lapin is an outstanding resource for any company or executive seeking breakthrough approaches to the status quo.”
    Selwyn Gerber, President
  • “Lapin International greatly helped develop my management team during difficult times. Great Results...Expert...High Integrity.”
    Richard Rosenblum, Senior VP of Generation
  • “My audiences have been thrilled by the work of Lapin International, often identifying it as the most impactful training they have ever attended.”
    Former Director of Tools for Tolerance®
  • “In my over 22 years of law enforcement, this was one of the most relevant training classes I have attended.”
    Alton R. Green, Sergeant
  • "This was the most important event of my entire career."
    Captain Carolin Larson
  • “This was the best and most intellectually engaging program on leadership that I have ever attended.”
    Captain Elizabeth Barkley
  • “Your organization is a class act, which is reflective of your leadership.”
    Ursula Sharp, Soundview Executive
  • “We operate in a dynamic, constantly changing, and fast-paced environment. With incredible wisdom and clarity of thought [Lapin International] helped us focus our strategic intent.The session played an important role in the growth we have experienced as a business. I found the workshop not only enlightening for our business, but it touched me on a personal level as well. It was a life-enriching experience in every sense.”
    Zelda Roscherr, Head of Treasury
  • “I didn't think it was possible, but the process you have used has got our disparate group of executives to see themselves as a team with a values-based commitment to managing the bank with singular purpose: to be a more profitable business – this is not a philanthropic exercise of self-indulgence. I know we will now be able to transform the bank into one which is really differentiated on the basis of 'real value' and not the banking commodities that it delivers to its stakeholders.”
    Bob Tucker, Director of Banking Development
  • “Lapin International has delivered a consistently high level of bringing us the latest thinking and thought leadership which is both practical and relevant all.”
    Eric Albertini, Senior Designer
  • “David Lapin is a man of tremendous conviction and sincerity, a top public speaker. What makes him even more fascinating is that he has conducted research in a multicultural, multiethnic, and rapidly changing society, which has gone through considerable stress.”
    Peter Wrighton, former Chairman
  • “There are undoubtedly few in this country who are making such a profound impact on the way we see ourselves and our relationships with our work as is David Lapin. He develops economic and human excellence by the liberation and free flow of human energy.”
    Colin Hall, former Chairman and CEO
  • “Lapin has been working with organizations to define their Purpose for the past fifteen years and has one of the best ways of working with Values I have ever come across...”
    Carmel Pelunsky, Regional Director
  • “You not only challenged our paradigms but broke them causing us to challenge and think differently. This will create a sustainable competitive advantage for [our company] in the long term.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “Lapin International has reignited my passion to achieve extraordinary results. Their work has been a "game changer" in my career!”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “Best leadership program that I have ever experienced.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “This is the best leadership program that I have participated in.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “Still the best leadership program I've ever been a part of--very inspirational and motivating.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “This was the best development class I've completed. It was all-inclusive, more than business, which makes the business aspect even more impactful. Fantastic!”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “The group brings a genuine interest in seeing their clients prosper that is unique and unmatched. This results in a practical, effective program that yields their clients meaningful benefit.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “These are extremely bright and thoughtful people. As a team, they are focused on leadership development that has real-world applicability, enormous power, and a recognition that it needs to provide measurable outcomes.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “To the next attendee: Get ready for a wonderful experience that will transform the way you view the world around you, your business, and the material role you play in driving results, both personally and professionally.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “This program exceeded my expectations in all facets and provided me tools and techniques I was able to immediately put into practice. It greatly aided my management style and approach to the benefit of my team, me personally and [my organization] overall.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “It has been very re-invigorating. My new team can now accomplish even more than I thought they could.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “Not only will you become a better leader, but a better person in the process.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “I feel very confident that I can inspire my team to achieve beyond their wildest expectations.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “This is the first leadership program that benefited my professional and personal life. Life-altering experience!”
    Comments from SVPs
  • “This was the most challenging and beneficial program I have attended in my leadership journey. It is transformational for me and exciting.”
    Comments from SVPs
  • "I work with hundreds of CEOs, and David Lapin pushed our CEOs to think about their businesses in new, exciting ways. His delivery energized the room and had our members scrupulously taking notes from David’s unique way of thinking about competitive strategy. The take-home value, timeliness and relevance of his message was exactly the kind of content our CEOs are craving to build their companies. I would highly recommend David as a speaker and thought leader who will stretch and stimulate your executive audience."
    Paul Witkay, Founder & CEO
  • “David Lapin is a very informed, eloquent, and polished presenter – a master of his AIC Conferences subjects. We highly recommend him as a top speaker.”
    Monique Donaldson, GM
  • “David has a G-d-given gift of wisdom, clarity of thought, ethics, intellect, and sense of humor, which, when combined, positively influence and make more productive lives of those he meets.”
    Paul Goncharoff, Management Advisor

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  • Our clients will outperform their peers in results, leadership and talent.
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